What We Offer

AirTutor offers virtual tutoring for primary and secondary school students within Australia and students studying the Australian or IB curriculum at international schools outside of Australia.

We offer tutoring in literacy and numeracy for primary school students from Years 3-6 and a wide range of subjects for secondary school students from Years 7-12.

How We Work

Specialised Tutoring

We curate tutoring for students with learning challenges and for students seeking extension of their studies.

 We customise tutoring programmes to support pre-professional elite athletes and performers with their studies. We have experience in adapting and modifying tutoring support during peak domestic and international performance and competition times.

 We provide bi-lingual tutoring for international students wanting to pass English Proficiency Tests in order to undertake academic study in Australia.

Once onboard with AirTutor you can self manage additional one off tutoring sessions as needed during your studies via the AirTutor Hub.

Strategic Partnerships

We have worked with many government and social enterprises to support the learning of children within their care.

Our strategic partnerships help young persons living regionally or in remote locations connect with an AirTutor or AirMentor. 

We also offer scholarships to help disadvantaged rural families or remotely based young persons access to support for their studies or guidance with career choices.

Contact us to enquire about partnerships or scholarships.