Our Story

About Us

AirTutor is a bespoke online tutoring service and the virtual arm of Avivo Elite Tutoring. It is privately owned and operated by experienced educators.

We have an established reputation as a provider of exceptional tutoring by balancing the demand for our service with the ability to deliver a quality experience.

We are selective in the recruitment of our tutors and the students we enrol in our programmes.

How We Work

AirTutor provides term based virtual tutoring sessions for primary (Yr 3-6) and high school (Yr 7-12) students as well as International Baccalaureate students within Australia.

We also cater to students studying the Australian IB or national curriculum at International Schools across the world.


Personalised Tutoring

All AirTutor sessions are one on one and highly personalised.

We match students with an AirTutor that meets their learning needs. They work with the same AirTutor each week via a dedicated virtual classroom that is unique to the student and their AirTutor. A student can access their classroom at anytime outside their weekly tutoring session.

All online sessions are monitored in real time to ensure there is no disruption to a student’s learning.

Our weekly feedback loop provides timely information.

AirTutor Advisory Board

Emeritus Professor Dr Gordon Walker, BA (Hons.), LLB (Hons.) (Otago); Dip.Ed., LLM (Adelaide); MBA (Syd.), SJD (Duke), chairs our Advisory Board. He has extensive global experience as an educator, administrator, consultant and innovator.

Professor Walker has been instrumental in guiding AirTutor through its vision and inception. He continues to provide hands on advice with the development of our learning platform and client engagement. His vast knowledge of the domestic and international university admissions and scholarship landscape is an invaluable resource for our AirTutors and clients.